The Genetics of Bloat | Tufts Now

Bloat, just the mention of the word sends shivers down my spine and a knot straight to my gut.  As Gordon Setter owners and breeders I’m guessing many of you have a similar response. Yes, we own one of those deep-chested breeds with a propensity to bloat that keeps us on our toes learning the latest methods to treat or avoid it as well as following the most recent research.

We’re providing you with a link today to an article appearing on Tufts Now “The Genetics of Bloat” By Genevieve Rajewski that discusses a research project taking place  this year.”Researchers hope their work will help predict which dogs may get the deadly disease.”

See more at: The Genetics of Bloat – Tufts Now

Additional Links:  GSCA Health Survey 2004 Results

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