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Photo by Bob Segal

So what’s your take on Heartworm preventatives these days Gordon Setter people? Are you using them? Are you doing annual blood tests instead? Are you simply letting nature take its course treating if or when your Gordon gets sick?

I’ve pretty much decided that the constant chemical exposure is not something my dogs needed, so I opt for annual testing instead. Of course, I also live in the desert and quite frankly while we do have mosquitoes once in a while they typically aren’t much of a problem.

The article Protecting Your Dog From Heartworm in Dogs Naturally Magazine gives us food for thought on whether the preventative is worse than the actual disease. Perhaps you’ll be kind enough to share your own thoughts on the subject in comments?

Sally Gift

8 thoughts on “Protecting Your Dog From Heartworm | Dogs Naturally Magazine”

  1. Diane Nowak to Jani Brooks….. curious why give heartworm year round? I occasionally see a mosquito in the house in the winter, but they don’t bother you. Just seems like over kill to me? Not trying to be argumenative, just don’t understand this?


  2. Jani Brooks – I live in a very high risk area as well as an area at high risk for Lyme disease. While I don’t vaccinate for lyme, I give heartworm meds year round as well as test annually (4DX). There are some things I am not going to take a chance with having seen what heartworm does to dogs.


  3. Denise Paquette – I’ve used their products on my horses and loved them. Maybe my risk is too high to quit totally. I just give them when the mosquitos are out. Do you think it’s that toxic Laurie Ward?


  4. Laurie Ward to Denise Paquette – we are not a high risk area, but I quit using the preventatives several years ago. We give Springtime Bug Off Garlic tabs daily to the whole crew as a more natural alternative. They (other than my odd Lizee) absolutely love it – one of their all time favorite treats!


  5. We do not use heartworm medications for our dogs. We give them Springtime Bug off Garlic tabs daily – the dogs absolutely love the tabs and eagerly sit for theirs after breakfast.


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