Dogs who don’t like the show ring

Photo by Bob Segal
Photo by Bob Segal

I found an great blog today and couldn’t wait to share it with you, especially those who may be looking for handling tips. Peter Frost is publishing some wonderful pointers and after reading several of the blogs I think his advice is sound and right on. Soft hands, calm voice, firm control, poise and confidence…that will help to get your Gordon Setter performing at his best. So, just ignore the pictures of those long haired dogs who aren’t Gordon Setters and simply read his writing instead.

The first article I’m sharing is about dogs who don’t like to show, I’ve seen my fair share of Gordon Setters like that, many of whom would have benefited from a more confident handler…we won’t talk about the ones that are just being stubborn, that’s for another day.

Hope you enjoy Peter’s blog. Just click the title to head down the path to where it’s at! Dogs who don’t like the show ring.

2 thoughts on “Dogs who don’t like the show ring”

  1. I can certainly relate to a dog who did not enjoy the show ring. One of my females absolutely loved to come to the shows and was the life of the party outside the ring, engaging in play with any dog who was ready for a little play bow and spin fun. The minute that I walked into the ring, she shut down – her tail dropped and her head carriage sagged. I tried games, high value treats, toys, and professional handlers, but the result was always the same. I finally decided that we both would be happier if I just enjoyed her love of travel to shows and abandoned the show ring.


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