An Amazing start…

The response to Gordon Setter Expert has been overwhelmingly positive in our first month of publication. We thank each and every one of you for that!

We never knew we could gain so many readers in such a short time, but we built it and you came! We’ve grown to 831 followers and nearly 12,000 views representing Gordon Setter lovers from fifteen countries. We’re very honored that the Gordon Setter Club of Canada and the Gordon Setter Club of Victoria, Australia have chosen to share our blog through their website and Facebook pages. Welcome friends!

Photo by Susan Nelson
Photo by Susan Nelson

We believe and now we know, thanks to all of your positive responses that “Together we will build an interactive, searchable resource for the Gordon Setter Fancier” – Sally Gift

6 thoughts on “An Amazing start…”

  1. Kudos to you Sally! This is a wonderful and very positive thing you are doing for Gordon Setters everywhere and the people who love them.


    1. Thank you Barb! This has been a very fun journey and experiment for me, and it does appear that Gordon Setter lovers are hungry for information. I am so blessed to have so many experts who are sharing their knowledge through the site!


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