The Puppy Play Ground

Debbie Slaski Bjerkestrand Play groundWhat a superb idea and so inexpensive! Our friend Debbie Slaski Bjerkestrand of Orlando, Florida shared this photo of her DIY Puppy Adventure Box along with details on this fun place.

Raising a healthy, well socialized and well-adjusted litter is very hard work. This idea of stringing textured items from PVC pipe to keep the puppies minds active and engaged while exploring their environment is perfect for raising puppies who blend right in to their new families. This is what “Buy From a Breeder” is all about, not just the time and energy we put into raising our pups, but more importantly the care we take to ensure they have a terrific start to their long life as a family pet.

All the details can be found on the Avidog website which offers you an option to purchase the Puppy Adventure Box fully outfitted or you can purchase the Adventure Box naked and add your own items at home. For DIYers like Deb (and me) the site also offers free step by step instructions for building this yourself.

This link will take you to Avidog Puppy Adventure Box | Puppy Activity Box.

Thanks so much for sharing Deb, don’t forget to share pictures of puppies at play!

8 thoughts on “The Puppy Play Ground”

  1. These are great and fun tools for your puppy. I was reminded by the lady who inspired me to build mine to NEVER leave your puppy unattended with the box (for obvious reasons).


  2. Our puppy trainer, Jennifer Skiba, has one of these in her training yard for puppies. It was amazing to watch our puppy, Nate, develop the confidence to run in and out of this play gym. He was very uncertain of the objects at first, but we worked with him, showing him that these items felt safe to us. He looked to us for reassurance and when he saw our ease, he developed ease and confidence and ran in and out of the gym. Such a great training tool for help the puppy thought process.

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