Know what to expect Before a C – Section

Photo by Bob Segal

One thing’s for certain, breeding dogs is not for the faint of heart. While often times things go beautifully right with our Gordon Setters, they can also go awry, and preparing ahead for possible contingencies, like a caesarean section, is extremely important. C-sections are not the norm for Gordon Setters but they most certainly do become necessary at times. Many breeders who’ve never been through a C-section are not prepared for what will quickly become a challenging and sensitive task. We are in charge of caring for the dam who is recovering and in pain from surgery, groggy and disoriented from anesthesia, and especially if a first time mother, faced with a pile of squirming babies she does not know how to handle, while at the same time we are responsible for the health and well being of those delicate newborns.

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to be as fully informed as possible. Experiencing whelping difficulties is very stressful, there is no need to cause yourself and the bitch more stress because you have little to no knowledge about handling a C-section. I’d advise you to take time to learn all that you can about this life saving procedure and handling the aftermath before your litter is due. You’ll be prepared and feel much calmer and in a better position to help your bitch and her puppies move safely through the event.

I’ve gathered several links to share with you that offer great advice, insight and experience that will help you navigate through a Caesarean.

This article from TheDog Place and published by Barbara J Andrews offers some great advice and a unique tip on how to help the bitch to more easily accept the puppies  CAESAREAN SECTION: BEFORE & AFTER COMPLICATIONS

RX for Whelping is a second great article you should read while there.

These articles are by Phil Zeltzman, DVM, Dipl. ACVS at Veterinary Practice News, navigate to them by clicking the titles

Caesarean Sections in Dogs: Post Operative Instructions from VCA Animal Hospitals

This article by Dr. Daniel A. Degner, Board-certified Veterinary Surgeon (DACVS) is located at Vet Surgery Central: Dystocia – Failure to Deliver Puppies C-section

Cesarean Section in Dogs: Indications, Techniques by Jill Sammarco BvSc, MRCVS DACVS, Anthony Kahn DVM found at  dvm 360source-image

I hope that our experienced readers will join in (by commenting or by email to to share their encouragement, experience, advice or other website links that they have found valuable to add to this resource.


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