We’re All the Puli Lady

I didn’t actually witness the goings on about the Westminster Puli lady, however I have seen and witnessed similar happenings and felt that this blog article was a good reminder to us all to be kind to other breeders and exhibitors. We are all in this together and it’s time we remembered to honor that and stop the nasty behavior that drives so many away from this sport.

2 thoughts on “We’re All the Puli Lady”

  1. I own and co-own 2 dogs that are being shown right now, and neither of them by me. I have told both parties responsible for showing these dogs, that they’re supposed to be “invisible”! They’re there to present the DOG, and not distract the judge or display their fondness or size of their wardrobe.
    I didn’t see the Puli Lady, but a good judge SHOULD have ignored her, unless there was a deliberate issue with her handling of the dog.


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