What I Have Learned

Photo by Susan Roy Nelson

I want to thank Barbara Manson for sharing this link to an excellent article, What I Have Learned written by Kathy Lorentzen reflecting on her 45 years of experience breeding dogs. Kathy shares her 10 most important lessons and they are certainly some of the best advice I have ever read by a seasoned breeder. Whether you’re breeding Gordon Setters, our primary audience, or any other purebred dog, I hope you take a minute review and reflect on the wisdom found in this article.

What I Have Learned  by Kathy Lorentzen

Sally Gift, Mesa AZ

2 thoughts on “What I Have Learned”

  1. From our Facebook follower Joan Lake Segal – Some very interesting info here. I esp like what she says in #6, and also in #7. Notably in #6: “The blending of your two lines of dogs will result in a family that has a specific look that will be recognizable as having come from your kennel. Your dogs will breed more true and consistently higher in quality than if you just keep a few brood bitches and continually breed them to the stud dogs around the country that are the flavor of the month.”


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