Survey Gordon Setter Bitch Fertility

Photo by Susan Roy Nelson

GORDON BREEDERS WE NEED YOU:  We have created a very quick online survey for Gordon Setter breeders that will help us learn what, if any, issues you may have encountered in producing quality litters. We are preparing for an upcoming seminar on reproduction and need your input in order to prepare topics that would be most relevant to you. Please take one minute to link to the survey only if you own a bitch or bitches you have bred or attempted to breed in the past 5 years.The survey is completely anonymous.

This link when clicked will take you directly to the survey’s 8 easy questions.

One thought on “Survey Gordon Setter Bitch Fertility”

  1. From our Facebook audience Kristin Malkasaari
    3/3, 11:58pm
    Hello Sally! Greetings from Finland. I found your survey very interesting and I shared it in Facebook to the group of “Gordon Setter Europe” hopefully you will get lots of replies. I was extremely interested to read your articles since yesterday when I found you. Lots of thanks for sharing your experiences those help me very much. Cheers, Kristin


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