Q & A From the Breeding Survey – Kinked Tails causes of?

Some of our readers, who have completed our Breeding Survey, have posted questions which we will research and hope to answer. Thank you to those who have already completed the survey and shared questions with us!

One of the questions posted was:

“One puppy in each litter born with kinked tail; I would like to find out, if possible, if this is due to the womb environment or to a genetic factor.”

Puppy born with a kinked tail. Sometimes these involve only the very tip of the tail but can be even more obvious as shown in this photo.

An article we published in January answers that question and we believe you will find it helpful! Simply click on the following title to be taken to The Kinked Tail – More Than it Appears. 

Readers did you know you can search for information on Gordon Setter Expert by clicking the little magnifying glass on the top left hand bar of the site opening a search text field. Or you can search for articles by their general topic by clicking on any of the categories found on the sidebar columns. Scroll down the page once your category opens to find all articles currently published on that topic. Categories include topics like Breeding, Care (feeding, grooming etc.) Dog shows, Performance events, etc.

GORDON BREEDERS WE NEED YOU:  We have created a very quick online survey for Gordon Setter breeders that will help us learn what, if any, issues you may have encountered in producing quality litters. We are preparing for an upcoming seminar on reproduction and need your input in order to prepare topics that would be most relevant to you. Please take one minute to link to the survey only if you own a bitch or bitches you have bred or attempted to breed in the past 5 years. The survey is completely anonymous.

This link when clicked will take you directly to the survey’s 8 easy questions.


2 thoughts on “Q & A From the Breeding Survey – Kinked Tails causes of?”

  1. Sally, Read an article, very good, about this on FB a few weeks ago. Thought I saved it but can’t find it. Check with Allister Sutherland because I believe he forwarded it. I’ll keep looking.


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