Going to the GSCA National? Take a quick survey to see how many others will be there too!

We promise to keep a running count posted here of how many people answer YES, they are planning to attend the GSCA National Specialty, Purina Farms, St. Louis, MO. Memorial Day Weekend! Click here to cast your vote in the survey it only takes seconds!

# Attending  40 YES     11 No    4/21/2015

25 thoughts on “Going to the GSCA National? Take a quick survey to see how many others will be there too!”

  1. Can’t wait! Picking up my new girl Kenna, visiting with old friends, making some new friends, and hosting the Breeders Education seminar in between watching all the fantastic Gordons in the ring should keep me busy and oh so happy!


  2. From:
    Barb Steiber – 1 week ago
    unfortunately, I will be working throughout the Memorial Day Holiday weekend but I’ll be thinking about all you lucky people who can attend and wishing you luck from afar…and looking for results being posted

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  3. From:
    Kathy Hubbard – 6 days ago
    Looking forward to being there! Note to others… Don’t forget to add your dog’s DNA # to the online entry in the box marked “Class Division” so that your entry will be accepted.

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