My Interview with MERCK – kind of

Nancy Tanner

I’m going to make this short and sweet, or as sweet as possible. I would really like you to read the linked article below, that is the big part of this post.

In June I contacted ALL of the veterinary clinics within a three hour drive from my home to see who carried the DPv vaccine. It is the safest puppy vaccine available, two in one, thimerosal free, and recommended by Dr. Jean Dodds. That was twenty eight clinics just to be clear.

No, No, No, we wouldn’t consider it, we can’t, we like what we have, we believe in the four in one, please don’t call back… and the pleasantries continued.

Out of frustration, and curiosity, I e-mailed MERCK. Some of you might remember the connection or transition with MERIAl, SANOFI-AVENTIS, here is that STORY.

Within a day I received a call from the MERCK salesman. Super friendly…

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