Training Puppies to Show Stack

The best secret to training your puppy to show stack is to start when they are very, very young and use the expert advice given in this article!

Everything Dog at Alpine Publications

Beagle puppyTraining a puppy for show can easily start on a table or other elevated flat surface. Gently pick the puppy up, one hand under his chest and the other supporting his rear, and place him deliberately on the table. Extend him out to his full length, letting his front legs dangle for just a moment before placing his paws on the table. Follow that with his rear legs. Continue to hold him in place and wait for his reaction. If he seems to be calm, slowly release your hold, talking to him quietly and pet him lightly.  Encourage him to hold his head up by lightly grasping him at the throat with your right hand. Do not hold him by the throat as that could choke him. You can maneuver his hindquarters by using your fingers between his legs to adjust them to the appropriate width. Ease his tail into…

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