Circling back on yesterday’s post about the new discussion group – Gordon Setter Students & Mentors – I share with you today a link to a well written article by Barbara J Andrews, Master Breeder about pedigrees and breeding. The reason I’m sharing this is two-fold.

First, as the author says, if you want to learn and understand breeding and pedigrees “The importance of having a knowledgeable AND objective mentor can’t be stressed enough.”

Secondly the author says “The important thing when selecting a mentor to help you sort out a particular pedigree is:  Has your potential mentor actually seen the first 6 dogs on the pedigree and hopefully, some of the siblings?”

So whether you’re relatively new to breeding or have been hanging out doing this thing for a lifetime this brief but informative review on the pedigree is right on the mark and a quick read. Afterward, if you’ve also joined the Gordon Setter Student & Mentor discussion group you may have a question or two you’d like to post or maybe some insight that will help another. I’m here, along with all the authors who write for this blog, to help you find the information you need to grow and learn, whether it’s here on this blog or from the discussion group or both. We simply want you to know we are here to help, if we can, along with many other Gordon Setter Fanciers who’ve joined forces with us to build a viable resource for the breed.

Here’s the article, enjoy the read:  READING PEDIGREES, A LOST ART IN DOG BREEDING?.

Till next time!

Sally Gift, Mesa AZ

Photo by Susan Roy Nelson

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