How To Teach Weave Poles With the 2×2 Set Up

The folks who know me well, won’t hesitate to confirm, that when I want to get a project rolling or a conversation started I am sometimes willing to go “out on a limb” to get that ball rolling! With that said, I’m going out on a limb now, and I am fully confessing my ignorance about Agility training and all things related. But, what I do want, is to see us keep the ball rolling when it comes to sharing information with our audience that might encourage others to start training, or help someone who is working to train their Gordon Setter for performance competition.

Featured Image -- 1214So, I’m posting this video link knowing full well that I am going out on a limb having no Agility experience.  Along with this link then, comes my request that you, readers who are actively training, consider commenting about the effectiveness or techniques that are shown here, is this good advice, is there better advice to be found elsewhere, did this type of training help you get your Gordon Setter ready for competition?

I am also asking that you consider contributing to this cause by submitting articles, or links to articles that you believe will help others who are working with their Gordon. Many would love to see articles shared on this blog that come from you, whether you’ve written them yourself or are providing links to those written by others.   People do want to learn about Agility and Obedience competition and I hope that those of you who are actively participating with your Gordon Setter will join here in providing guidance and assistance that is truly valued by all. Don’t do it for me – I can’t possibly keep up with a Gordon in the Agility ring – do it for those who want to learn from you.

Here you go, just click this link to view the video: How To Teach Weave Poles With the 2×2 Set Up.

To send articles or suggestions you may email me at:

Sally Gift, Mesa AZ

Photo by Susan Roy Nelson

3 thoughts on “How To Teach Weave Poles With the 2×2 Set Up”

  1. I trained my Gordon before the advent of the 2×2 method. But… I used this method for my newest Aussie and loved it! If your dog doesn’t do toys you can throw food. Cheese balls work well as they are largish and contrast with the grass. Don’t expect any other breed to act like a Border Collie. ie, Don’t drill for long periods and don’t expect perfection before moving on to the next step. I believe that both Gordon Setters and Aussies are too intelligent to keep repeating the same thing over and over again.
    My Aussie was doing 12 poles, using fantastic form, within 12 short sessions and he has never looked back. I took about 2 sessions on 2 poles, another 2 on 4 then went to 6 then 8 then 12.

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  2. Yes the 2×2 method is a very good method to train weaves….with my Gordon Settter I tried this method however had much more success with channel weaves with wires Aggie was “wigglin” 12 poles within a month….watching a training video with Border Collies may give Gordon handlers false expectations of desired results ……my kids are two Gordon girlies, a Treeing Walker Coonhound and a prototypical performance dog a Border Collie…they all have learned at different rates what my 4month old BC learns in days it may have taken weeks please DO NOT compare our noble Gordons to other breeds in agility….engage and make it all about FUN,FUN FUN there is not a more elegant dog than a Gordon working at 24″ the only reason I went over to the “dark side” is my HIGH DRIVE Gordon was retired at four yrs.old due to injury….again be patient and enjoy becoming a team….FUN FUN FUN!!

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