Oxytocin during whelping

It’s been six years since the author, Joanna Kimball first published this article about the danger of using Oxytocin during whelping, so this may be very old news for most of you.  There are some who may have missed the message though, so I’m sharing this here as a “just in case” to ensure the topic has been offered to all. For myself, I have never used Oyytocin so I have no experience good or bad to share, whenever there was anything going on with my bitch during whelping that concerned me, I either called my vet or went to his office or an emergency clinic, I was never comfortable using drugs like this as a lay person.

Photo by Sarah Armstrong
Photo by Sarah Armstrong

If you keep Oxytocin on hand for whelping, or have been advised to do so, please read this article to ensure you understand how it impacts the unborn pups.

Oxytocin in whelping | Ruffly Speaking by Joanna Kimball

Photos by Sarah Armstrong, MI

Sally Gift, Mesa AZ

4 thoughts on “Oxytocin during whelping”

  1. Wow, too late for me, Sally, but this is a great article. I wonder how many pups might have been saved had I truly understood how oxy worked. Thanks, Laura B


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  2. I have kept some on hand but gave obtained it by indicating I would call before administration. Reading the articles I have too much and your puppy feels like it is in a vice. Never used it personally. If I feel the bitch is in troubles or struggling I’m off to see my repro vet.

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