Therapy Dogs – Gordon Setters Giving Comfort

     Isn’t it true that when we’re having a bad day our Gordon Setter knows exactly how awful we’re feeling? With gentle eyes they peer into our souls offering loving comfort and the gentle hugs we so desperately need.
     Some of our Gordon Setters have convinced their humans to take them to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, shelters and the like to share the comfort that only a dog can give to humans in need of this therapy.  Travis is one of those dogs and his human, Diane Dargay is happy to serve as his chauffeur/ambassador as he travels to share his love at a local hospital.

     If you’d like to learn more about how your Gordon can offer similar therapy to those in need Diane would be happy to answer your questions and provide support to guide you along the way. We’ve provided a contact form at the end of this article if you’d like to reach out to her.

Travis and Diane Dargay
     The video featured here is a televised talk show program called “Health Watch” and this segment is about therapy dog work at a local hospital. The video offers you a view of how such programs work, along with shots of the dogs performing their therapy. All it takes is a gentle dog with a bit of training to help heal a human in need. If you only want to see Gordon Travis at work you might skip to time slots: 1:47 and 6:31 and 9:35.


Wagging Welcome on HealthWatch – YouTube

Waiting for his next therapy patient at the hospital here’s Travis with his ambassador Diane Dargay

Sally Gift, Mesa AZ

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