GSCA National Championship & Field Trial 2018

If you’ve never been to a Field Trial, now’s is the time to make it happen!

November 4th through November 11th

Every year hardworking members of the GSCA put on fabulous, one of a kind National events, spotlighting the many talents and the absolute beauty of the Gordon Setter. I’m spotlighting the 24th annual GSCA National Championship and Field Trial here for you today. Gordon Setters from all across the US and Canada gather together here with their owners. If you’re a Gordon lover, like me, and you’ve never attended one of these events, make 2018 the year you give yourself this gift, make plans to attend! We promise beautiful scenery, great Gordons, camaraderie and hospitality, lots of fun and lasting memories!

GSCA NFT Facebook Page  for more information!

Sally Gift, Mesa AZ

NationalChampionshipField-Trial AD

6 thoughts on “GSCA National Championship & Field Trial 2018”

    1. LOL this looks like a whoops! Hate when this happens to me, hitting enter to send before I’m done writing a comment! I think perhaps Linda, that your comment wasn’t finished! Doubt completely that you meant you would like to forget the championship! Happy to see that all of you were able to connect with each other! Good luck to all at this fabulous event!


    1. Linda, My email address and phone number is on the National Championship & Field Trial flyer which is posted on this blog. If you contact me, I’ll steer you to the person that can take donations. Matt Czarnecki

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