Why are European Dogs So Well Behaved?


Why Are European Dogs So Well Behaved?

Dogs, Euro Style

By Kama Brown CPDT-KA, January 2017

6 thoughts on “Why are European Dogs So Well Behaved?”

  1. Hi Sally: As a puppy raiser for the blind, you are correct the methodology of raising that puppy is much different, and so is the breeding and puppy breeders goals with the puppies, they are pulled much sooner from the mother and they are continuously handled from birth and separated from each other much more often than we do with our litter. All puppies are placed at 5 weeks of age. They are extremely handled and cuddled and exposed to new items from birth they call it a special type of training, which slips my mind at the moment. When I brought my boy home we were attached at the hip from day one, and socialized in public areas before they could even walk a good walk, the breeders here in the US keep the pups sometimes up to 12 wks before placing them in the new homes. I am raising a puppy that I brought home from 7 weeks going on 8 weeks which was great. But I can feel and see the immense difference in behaviors and co reactions, that I have to break before I can even think about taking her to a heavily populated area. I made the mistake of taking to a puppy socialization class, and I did not like what I saw. Nor do I now like the behavior change in my girl. She is 21 weeks old now and we fight to get her where my leader dog puppies are at this age in maturity and head sense. I will not socialize her again, leader dog puppies are allowed to socialize but in only fenced in areas and only when supervised and controlled environment with dogs that have acquired the same behaviors as the pup you are raising. I brought him home to two adult dogs. Who were allowed to interact with my boy, but I controlled the behavior and times. I will not even go to a dog park, for the reason that the behavior of the dogs are so up and down, I highly feel it is not only dangerous to bring a dog there, but attitudes come home with the behavior surrounding them. I look for quiet, peaceful, controlled and private places to walk and exercise my dogs and will for her too. She goes to several classes but not to socialize behaviors. I am sorry I listened and took her to a puppy socialization place, it was far from a relaxing experience and now I have to break her of another bad habit, she acquired from the actions of the pups around her. It is so important to pull that relationship as early as possible. I also foster and the puppies I have raised without parents have been the best and easiest pups to raise train and communicate with as a whole. Please don’t get me wrong it is extremely important for a mom to raise her babies, but when the mom starts to feel those teeth and starts to walk away, it is time to teach those babies, about life in a human environment. So the transition advances much quicker and the bond starts to develop a human touch. A good, kind, understanding, human touch. Renee


  2. Sally this is an excellent article, thank you! Having been abroad, I always enjoyed seeing dogs in public places we would never dare here in the states. Perhaps this is an area for canine advocacy?

    Mary Myers

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