Grooming – Gordon Setter Videos

Oster ProfessionalOster  has offered many best selling grooming products for many years and are especially known for their animal clippers. Now they’re offering even more help and support for the self groomer via their website where they’ve posted very helpful video clips demonstrating how to groom several breeds. For us that includes the Gordon Setter. How wonderful is that? Here are all the links to their videos…happy tails to you all!

Sally Gift, Mesa AZ                                                                                  Photos by Ben Perez

14 Videos about grooming a Gordon Settter13173347_178245152575572_8841807142114207002_o

Face & Skull – Gordon Setter

Face & Muzzle – Gordon Setter

Face & Eye – Gordon Setter

Face & Ear – Gordon Setter

Body & Neck – Gordon Setter

Body – Gordon Setter

Body 2nd Time over – Gordon Setter

Body 3rd time over – Gordon Setterjuly

Front Leg & Legs – Gordon Setter

Legs & Front Foot – Gordon Setter

Rear leg – Gordon Setter

Rear Foot – Gordon Setter

Tail – Gordon Setter


Recap Complete – Gordon SetterJuly3

Nail Grinder – How to use

Photo by Bob Segal

11 thoughts on “Grooming – Gordon Setter Videos”

      1. I’m sorry everyone, I’ve gone to the Oster website to see if I could correct this only to learn they have temporarily limited access to the videos. I’ll keep a watch on the situation with the hopes that Oster will once again make them available to us.


  1. Hello Sally,

    Fabulous, videos, wau, the best day ever!

    Is there somewhere also available list of suggested clipper sizes. English is not my native language so I am not sure didi I hear correct that on face is neede to use “3F backwards” size. I have standarad number 10, so I would be happy to know which other numbers I need to purchase. I have show in December in Helsinki, so now is good time to start clipping.

    Lots of best wishes, and our best greetings from Finalnd,

    Kristin with Mona by full name: Forester’s Diamair Mona of Darkmoor



    1. I’ve been showing and thus grooming my own Gordons for 40 some years now Kristin, I’ve alway used the #10 blade with the grain of the hair and believe this is standard practice for most who show dogs. Anyone here who wants to correct me please feel free to do so! I’ve never used the 3F backwards.


  2. That’s fantastic I’ve been trying to get the hang of grooming my Gordon and hadn’t found any videos that helped. It’s hard to find anyone that will groom one everyone wants to do smaller dogs and several people said they have carpal tunnel and can’t do it anymore and others are way to pricy. Since she’s not in the show ring anymore I just want her to look nice when she goes places. Thanks Oster for doing the videos.

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