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Hello World!

That this blog has been silent for awhile is no secret. That I’ve been off track and unable to focus on this mission is also obvious. Reaching out to Gordon Setter lovers to share information is still a passion and an objective I don’t intend to abandon, it’s simply that other things in life got in the way.

While I haven’t been writing here, I have been busy supporting our Gordon Setter through work I’ve been doing for the Gordon Setter Club of America over the past couple of years or so. It’s been a busy and sometimes a challenging time there and it’s taken a great deal of my free time to accomplish some projects I’d taken on.  And, sometimes life throws us curve balls that take us down another path that eats up time and energy and that’s what transpired last winter with my diagnosis of breast cancer.  Treatment options are great in the medical world today, Following sugery and radiation, I’m undergoing chemo these days, and am happy to report that my prognosis is excellent. I feel so blessed that my odds of remaining cancer free, moving forward, are greatly in my favor.

With all that said, I hope to get back to publishing more in the coming weeks, and I hope there are passionate folks, like myself, among you who will share in the work needed to accomplish this blog’s mission by sharing articles, ideas, photos and the like you feel are of value to our readers.

Sally Gift, Mesa AZ

14 thoughts on “About the Silence”

  1. As a new Gordon owner since December, I found and devoured everything you posted, resources you shared, etc. (The post on pet owners hits close to home, btw) I wondered about the break, then saw you on fb. I’m 6 years cancer free and hope that 6 years from now you’ll say the same. Sending healing vibes from Upstate NY. I love my girl, btw
    I have mostly rescue pups after a lifetime with Labradors and 1 Irish setter. This girl came to me unplanned and unexpectedly, but the timing was right. She’s a stunner. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for reaching out one cancer survivor to another hopeful survivor! I truly appreciate your well wishes and am so happy you’re enjoying your Gordon!


  2. Thank You for all you do to support our wonderful breed you are a very special lady. I’m so sorry that awful C word has invaded your life working at the James C hospital I’ve seen so many women including several friends going thru the same thing. There are many new treatments that have changed lives and saved them. I’m so happy to read you are doing well I’m sending you a long distance hug with a big pink bow so you know we are all thinking of you. I’ll wear pink in your honor today. Hope to cross paths with you someday to give you that hug in person. Your Gordon friend in Columbus ohio.


  3. I’m so sorry to hear of your illness but I’m also glad to hear you are doing well. That said I look forward to all your new news and information. Thanks so much and I hope you continue to improve. 🤗


  4. Thank you, Sally, for your commitment to our beloved breed. Also, while dismayed to learn about cancer invading your life, I am delighted the prognosis is a happy one!


  5. Sally, I am so glad you are doing well. The strides that have been made for treating breast cancer is simply amazing! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 How has all of this affecting your fibromyalgia? I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Two different kinds of pain and just beginning to learn how to manage the RA. Keep us posted as to how you are doing. It helps the rest of us immensely.

    On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 5:43 PM Gordon Setter Expert wrote:

    > Sally Gift posted: “Hello World! That this blog has been silent for awhile > is no secret. That I’ve been off track and unable to focus on this mission > is also obvious. Reaching out to Gordon Setter lovers to share information > is still a passion and an objective I don’t int” >


    1. Amazingly, the steroids they give me with the chemo have helped the fibromyalgia pain because they lower inflamation. Unfortunately, the steroid give me insomnia though, so the fatigue is worse! It could be worse, so all in all I”m feeling pretty well if you can believe that!


  6. Thanks for the update Sally! Kicking cancer’s butt is top priority and thrilled you’re getting back to Gordon Setter Expert! ❤️


  7. Sally, recovering your own health is absolutely the only thing that matters in the big scheme of things


  8. Sally, as a cancer survivor myself, I can relate to this speed bump on the road of life. God bless you in your endeavors. Bill and Gail Wright have filled a huge void in our household with our new puppy Ginger. She is the light of our lives. Live is better with a Gordon! Sincerely, Mike Marshall


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