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Gordon Setters for sale are organized here alphabetically by State in the U.S. followed by other countries.

Each listing is identified as either Planned (future puppies)Puppies or Adult (over 12 months old). Simply click on the red listing and you will be taken to the ad for complete information and a contact form to reach the breeder by email.  Some phone numbers are also provided.

Breeder of MeritAKC Breeder of Merit Participants demonstrate a commitment to the AKC Community, dedication to their breed(s), and actively promote the sport of purebred dogs. The AKC is proud to recognize AKC Breeders who are dedicated to breeding beautiful purebred dogs whose appearance, temperament, and ability are true to their breed. These breeders are the heart of AKC.

The Gordon Setter Club of America is another excellent source to find Gordon Setter Breeders. Click this link to go to GSCA Breeder Referral.

Terms of Participation

I am not involved in any transactions between any parties who use this site. There are risks which You assume when dealing with people who may act under false pretenses; all of these risks are borne by You.

I reserve the right to modify the Terms of Participation at any time and without prior notice. I may change or end Your use of this service at any time.


Planned – Sundance Setters, Sally Gift – December 2016



Puppies – Shujan’s, Janet Schrodt – May 1, 2016



Planned – Stargazer, Jennifer Johnson  – May 2016


South Carolina

PuppyDaniel Dunham – April 3, 2016



Planned – Raritan, Peggy Davalt & Dawn Hamilton – August 15, 2016

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We are dedicated to building a knowledge base and a sharing site for those who are involved in all of the various aspects of competition with Gordon Setters, competitions that showcase the Gordon Setter’s Beauty, Brains and Bird-Sense.

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