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Dog flu outbreak prompts warnings in Chicago

Wanted to share this warning with all those who may be traveling with dogs in or around the Chicago area. It pays to be aware of the outbreak and the symptoms associated with this flu if your dog may be exposed by living in the area or traveling to the area. Dog owners are cautioned to take reasonable precautions, especially with their older dogs.

  • Most cases are mild but in older or debilitated dogs the risk rises and does include fatalities.
  • A vaccine is available for influenza.
  • Healthy dogs can become infected simply by coming in close proximity to others who may not even be showing symptoms.
  • A high risk for exposure exists in any high traffic area for dogs like groomers, boarding facilities, veterinarian offices, doggie day care, dog parks etc.
  • “Canine flu H3N8 is a new and highly contagious strain of the influenza virus which can cause respiratory illness in dogs, animal health officials said”

By clicking the links below you will be taken to articles and a news video giving more detail about the disease.

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