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October Legislation Update

Charles Kushell

Charles Kushell

Legislative Update

“Maybe all the legislators/regulators/bored children currently in power around the country are staying home glued to their TV’s enthralled by our democratic process, but it’s been a pretty quiet month in legal-landia, to paraphrase the recently retired Garrison Keillor.
NJ:  If anyone would like an object lesson in sloppy bill crafting, have a peek at SB 1013.  A bill crafted, as always, ostensibly to solve problems, but inevitably winds up causing unintended consequences.  This gem has to do with what I’ll call the general topic of “confining” dogs.  As currently written (badly) it would mean that dog owners would be liable to legal recourse for such things as leaving a dog in a crate at a show, or leaving dogs in an climate controlled RV.  Garden State owners can review the law and the AKC’s position on it here:  http://www.akc.org/government-relations/legislative-alerts/nj-sb1013-threatens-responsible-care-dog-shows-travelling/ 

and contact State Senator Raymond J. Lesniak, Committee Chairman – SenLesniak@njleg.org in order to equate the good gentleman with the sport of dogs, a topic of which he is apparently ignorant.
NM:  Another one that won’t go away.  As previously reported, the doges of Santa Fe have continued to have hearings on some deeply stupid proposed rules that would adversely effect every legitimate breeder and dog owner in the area.  One can read more here:  http://www.akc.org/government-relations/legislative-alerts/santa-fe-proposal-hearing/, but the gist is always the same; punish legit owners and breeders by the imposition of unnecessary fees (as if paying a fee is going to stop a junk breeder), exposing legit owners to unannounced inspections, demanding that any dog impounded, even while being on owners property, must be neutered before being returned, etc.  ALL dog owners in NM need to get in touch with these dolts and snap them to their senses.  Start with this guy:  Commissioner Robert A. Anaya – ranaya@santafecountynm.gov
FL:  Fresh from the dog-ravaged environs of Palm Beach (I mean, seriously?), the locals obviously have nothing better to do than dream up ridiculous dog laws.  In this case, anyone selling even ONE dog would be considered a “dealer.”  These “dealer” would now be “governed” by Animal Services, to which there is no legislative or legal recourse.   These “dealers” private homes would be subject to unreasonable search (have none of these nitwits actually read the 4th Amendment?) and the list goes on and on…and since much of the language is identical to bills being proposed from CA to NJ, loyal readers will know exactly who is behind these bills (for you novitiates, that would be the HSUS).  Dog owners in PB need to get all over these know-nothings.  Start here:  Janet C. Long, Commissioner/Vice Chairman, http://www.pinellascounty.org/forms/commission.htm.
And, proving that neighbors 30 miles away can be smarter than those living North of them, the Commissioners of Miami-Dade are actually considering repealing their “Pit Bull” ordinance.  Locals should contact the Commissioner in the personage of one:  Esteban Bovo, Jr., Vice Chair to voice their support of this all-too-rare instance of elected officials reversing past stupidity.  Good on them, unless HSUS gets to them first.
That’s it for now.  And lest we forget our monthly Menckenism, “The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it’s good-bye to the Bill of Rights.”

Legislative updates August

Charles KushellWritten by Chuck Kushell
“With the summer upon us and, mercifully, many local and state legislatures in recess (you know, like we had in grade school), not a great deal of action to report.
However, worthy of note include:
MA:  Continuing issues remain with SB2390, which has now been cleverly renamed SB2370 (no doubt to cover its odious trail) and has been passed and referred to the Ways and Means Committee for further action.  As residents will recall, this bill, actively opposed by the AKC and local Club associations, seeks to severely and unnecessarily restrict legitimate breeders.  Contact your local reps and register your opposition to this bill.
MD:  In Baltimore Cty, the effects of the rabid animal rights crew are on display in bill 42-16 which in a massive overreach seeks to overturn the long-standing law that permits use of county lands by those training dogs for hunting.  Meaning, if this bill passes, planting a pigeon for your JH in training dog would earn you a fine and citation.  Needless to say, anyone who pays taxes and has the right to use these lands and is concerned about the never ending march of animal rights nutcases should get on the horn to their county board members and tell them to stuff this bill at countycouncil@baltimorecountymd.gov
NJ:  Again and continually, SB63 is coming to a vote and represents the worst of what the animal rights loons bring to the table.  Draconian indictments in the form of a screed against all dog breeders as well as unconstitutional restrictions (see 4th Amendment) are in the offing if NJ breeders don’t support the AKC’s efforts to get this bill crushed.  There’s always hope Christie won’t sign it, although given his issues of late, faint hope that this will come to his attention, should it pass the Senate.  Follow this link to see what you can do:  http://www.akc.org/government-relations/legislative-alerts/nj-senate-bill-63-june-30/
That’s it for now.  May your future be legislation-free (fat chance) and the rest of your summer productive in the ring, field or whelping box.  And as H. L. reminds us, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”
Featured image by Susan Roy Nelson

An Eye On Legislation – April 2016

By Charles Kushell – GSCA Legislative Liaison
“Let’s see what our elected elves have been up to this past month.  A few items to note during this silly political season; this may be as much fun to watch as the runup to the 1912 convention season must have been.
CT/MA:  This from our friends at the CFD/MFD regarding a dangerous bill SB-288 before the CT Assemble that seeks to impose onerous and ill-considered and unnecessary new restrictions on pet owners and kennel operators.  This mess is the perfect example of the cancerous nature of “committees and task forces” which even when killed by the toxic chemo of iron-clad sunset date requirements, simply refuse to die, and like zombies, keep coming back from the dead.  And so it is here; a “task force” under legislative mandate to expire…that’s as in DIE AND DON’T COME BACK…has not only NOT died, but is trying to re-assert itself into permanence by attaching a new version of an already-bad bill.  https://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/cgabillstatus/cgabillstatus.asp?selBillType=Bill&bill_num=SB-228.  Folks also need to pay attention to HB5344 which seeks to establish some bizarre and incomprehensible “non-economic damages” recovery aspect of pet damage cases and to establish court-appointed “advocates” court pet-related cases.  God help us, just what we need.  All CT dog owners should call their state senators with a strong demand to make this idiocy go away once and for all.  We wish you luck with this crowd.
CA:  You simply knew that CA would be in this column; the state of perennial legislative insanity.  This time it’s the city of Colton.  Don’t feel bad, I live in SoCal and still had to look it up.  If nothing else, it proves that systemic lunacy isn’t limited to Sacramento.  These geniuses must be living in a time-warp; the City Council has decided to push a “must neuter” ordnance that fails to exempt legit breeders and seeks to limit dogs to 10 per HH.  Anyone living in this paradise should contact these poor unfortunates and inform them that must-neuter laws are uniformly rejected by communities operating in the 21st Century.
IL:  You know, for a state that is bankrupt, failing to pay its bills and cannot meet its pension obligations, you’d think State legislators could find more pressing things to do than make up bad pet laws.  Apparently not.  Such a twisted sense of priorities has begotten  HB4443 which seeks to establish such blatantly un-Constitutional niceties as warrant arrests in cases of alleged animal “abuse”…even when no evidence has been provided.  Essentially, your neighbor could theoretically hear your dog complaining about your Dremel-ing his toenails, turn you in and IL authorities would be able to arrest you, seize your dogs, charge you for their board and provide immunity from the exact same type of complaint of cruelty!!!.  ALL IL pet owners need to contact their State reps to express their horror and outrage at this prospective bill.  Hard to believe.
MO:  Here’s a chance to call your State rep and urge their support of HB1811, which seeks (mercifully) to ban any local MO community from writing, passing or attempting to enforce breed-specific legislation of any kind.  Similar to the AKC-sponsored white-label legislative proposal, this puts MO right at the forefront of state legislative bodies who have done their homework, resisted the bleating of the “animal-rights” crowd, and seek to establish fair and sane laws.  Bully for them.  Call and urge them to see it through.
IA:  Delighted to report that through the combined efforts of local breeders, clubs and the AKC, the legislature of IA has hung it up for the year (why doesn’t the US Congress try the same thing?) and resisted passing ANY of some of the truly horrible bills (reported here earlier) that had crawled before it.  Good on them and congrats to the good people of the dog community there and to the AKC for their good work.  Would that other states pay attention.
FL:  This time, heads up Broward residents.  As you’re painfully aware, you’re under draconian breeder laws there.  It gets worse.  The locals are considering new pile-on amendments to an already horrid law that would make you agree as a condition of your license to submit to warrantless searches of your home.  Apparently, these idiots are unfamiliar with the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution forbidding exactly this kind of law.  Get off your rears, Broward breeders (this assumes there are any left) and get on the horn with the Broward Cty Commissioners and have at it.  Insane.
Ok, enough for now.  And as ‘ol H.L always instructed us, “A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.”
Photographs courtesy of Jim Thacker – GSCA National/Midwest Specialties 2016