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Raffle results and photos from the 2016 GSCA National Specialty

Goofing around behind the raffle table, Sally Gift. Photo by Jim Thacker.

Feature image courtesy of Bill Dargay

(An album including many of the faces seen at the GSCA National is found at the bottom of this page. Many thanks to Ben Perez for sharing these shots with us.)

Raffle Results by Sally Gift

I am so grateful to all of the generous and thoughtful benefactors who supported our National Specialty raffle with donations ranging from a generator, EZ Up canopy, artwork, handler certificates, grooming tables, multiple Gordon Santas, jewelry and wind chimes to other items like belt buckles, grooming shears, stacking blocks, shampoos, conditioners, grooming sprays, brushes, combs, show and walking leads, toys, chews, food, treats, memorabilia, custom pet portrait and more. Nearly 200 prizes and prize baskets filled our tables. If my achy, breaky back is any indicator of success we definitely rang the bell with this one.  Movers and Shakers – Catherine Thomas, Bill Dargay, and Matt Marr can, and will, attest to the size of the haul after our moving experience loading and transporting all the donations from Catherine’s house to the event site. And, let’s not forget all the amazing people who brought us donations the day of the event …yes indeed, the support for this fundraising raffle was certainly outstanding. Our club is truly blessed with a generosity of spirit that runs throughout!


Raffle tables looked like they stretched to infinity and beyond, over 1,000 feet of table top, loaded with nearly 200 prizes that went home with as many lucky winners, some of whom couldn’t be present but having purchased  tickets online before the event, shared in the fun of winning a prize of their choice.

That’s right, that middle row of raffle prize tables starts clear up there by the overhead door, ten full tables and a back wall filled with some mighty fine stuff! Photo by Bill Dargay

There were eleven prize  winners who were not in attendance, but who purchased tickets ahead online. The Lucky Ducks have been contacted by email and I have confirmation from them all that prizes have been delivered. If you haven’t heard from me, I’m so sorry your ticket wasn’t drawn.

Raffle table
Photo by Ben Perez


And, there was that moment when I glanced up and saw that crowd of people, who unbidden, had stepped in to help set up. I wish I could list each and every person who lent a hand, you were so many and so very kind, voluntarily giving your time, energy and good will. But I’m lost to recall the names of every person who helped, I know there were many of you working at various tasks throughout the show, voluntarily stepping up to the plate with a huge smile on your face. I hope you know how very important your support was to us, and how much you were appreciated!

What a marvelous group of people! I had a blast putting this together, it didn’t feel like work to me, it was a wonderful journey showcasing the generosity that lives within our Gordon Setter community. Thank you all from my heart to yours!

Santa Gordon won on our raffle getting ready to make the trip to his new home along with a couple of other views of the the raffle. Photos by Ben Perez.

(Scroll to the bottom of this page to view a photo collage of the many faces from this year’s National.)

Sally Gift, Mesa AZ


Individual Donor poster

Vendor donor posterVendor donor poster Page 3Vendor donor poster Page 2


Photos by Ben Perez

Vendor donor poster Page 1

It’s So Easy!

Offering your support for the GSCA National Specialty is so easy!2016 National logo

  • Tell us about your donation immediately using our online form.
  • Make a cash donation online and pay with your debit or credit card.

No donation is too small and something as simple as a  $10 cash donation will go a long way toward purchasing raffle prizes that are appreciated by all!

Simply click this link and complete the form.

Earn FREE tickets for our Midway Fabulous Prizes drawing – see flyer below for details.

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Your support makes all the world of difference. Thank you so very much!
Sally Gift, Raffle Chair