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Avoiding Iliopsoas Injury – Acute, stretch-induced muscle injury

I understand that participating in speed competitions with our Gordon Setters can sometimes result in injury for the dog, and that helping our dogs prevent such injury ranks very high for those engaged in trials like Agility or Flyball. There is a ton of good advice to be found on the internet and offered by your own trainers and training partners, as well as by physical therapists. I did run across this article written by Bobbie Lyons and published at  Pawsitive Performance and I thought I’d share it with you. Perhaps we can start a discussion here that will generate other great resources for everyone working and training with their Gordon Setters about how they can properly condition dogs to help prevent injury.

If you’re competing or training in any of the performance events and you know of resources that will help others avoid injury would you share them with us by making a comment on this article?

Here’s the link to the article by Bobbie Lyons – Avoiding Iliopsoas Injury – Doubles, Triples and Broad Jumps – Pawsitive Performance.

A few more resources I found on the subject:

Ilopsas Strain: the hind limb lameness you may not know about

Ilopsas Strain Revisited by Peter J. Lotsikas DVM, Diplomate ACVS and Faith M. Lotsikas DVM, CCRT

Iliopsas Muscle Tears

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