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Is she…or isn’t she?

The day after the breeding is done the question “Is she or isn’t she?” starts stomping through my my head while I pace two steps behind the bitch watching her every move for any sign or signal that she is pregnant. I can’t help myself, I want instant gratification! Guessing that I’m not the only Gordon Setter breeder who spends an inordinate amount of time waiting and watching for any indication that the pregnancy exists I thought I’d share a few reference sites here that provide excellent information on the various methods of determining pregnancy in a bitch, with the use of ultrasound being my primary topic. All of these are diagnostic tools your vet will use not something you can do at home…well, I guess if you’re a vet you could be a DIYer!

I’m hoping you’ll all chime in below with comments on your preferred methods or your personal experiences to add substance to the conversation, as well as to provide new or additional links to share with our readers!

Janet Floss published Pregnancy Determination in the Bitch , the article is found at the University of Missouri Extension, College of Veterinary Medicine. She includes the use of Abdominal Palpation, Radiography, and Ultrasonography in this article. To go to the site to read the article simply right click on the bold printed article and the link should open.

G9923 Pregnancy Determination in the Bitch | University of Missouri Extension.

The Academy of Veterinary Imaging also published an excellent piece authored by Linda E. Luther, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)  The Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Pregnancy in the Dog and Cat .

For those of you who like to see what we’re talking about I found the following video link.

Click the bold text that follows to view – Dog Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan 35 Days post mating by Canine Scan and Chip

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Ivy litterOh by the way…looks like she was (pregnant)!

Photo by Laurie Ward

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For a quick 21 Day FREE Pregnancy test click this link to learn about an old breeder trick to verify pregnancy.