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UK Top Vulnerable Breed Competition Winner is Gordon Setter

In the UK, the Kennel Club takes an assertive approach to the issue of declining registrations in purebred dogs, and they’ve put special focus on breeds who are nearing record low registrations, breeds like our Gordon Setter. The Kennel Club’s newly introduced “Top Vulnerable Breed” competition is an example of that approach.

A quote from this article reads “…in 2015 only 234 Gordon Setters were registered with the Kennel Club and it is therefore considered to be a vulnerable breed. The Kennel Club launched the new competition to raise awareness of these breeds and to recognise those who are dedicated to their survival and prosperity.”

A huge congratulations to James (the Gordon Setter), his breeders, owners and handlers for taking our Gordon Setter to the top of this competition, what a wonderful ambassador for our breed!

To read about this competion and James’ win click here to read the Canine Chronicle article: James The Gordon Setter Crowned UK’s Top Vulnerable Breed And Wins A Place In Best In Show At Crufts | Canine Chronicle.

And from me to you, let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for preserving our breed, to those who are actively pursuing the protection of the Gordon Setter through responsible breeding practices, those involved competitively in conformation, field, and performance events proving the worthy characteristics of our purebred, those who take our beautiful Setters to public events to display the breed and and to those who participate in therapy and other similar work where we introduce the value of the breed to the general public. Push on my friends, we have a very important role to play at this time in our  breed’s history and I for one am very grateful for the part you play!

Sally Gift, Mesa AZ