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Gordon Setter movement – list of reference material

Photo by Bob Segal

When it comes to mentoring new Gordon Setter exhibitors I’m asking all experienced breeder/exhibitors to join us in our “it takes a village” approach on this blog. For this article I’ve started a list of video links, books, DVD’s and articles that I’ve located related to canine structure and gait. These are all-breed reference materials, not Gordon Setter specific, hopefully we will have breed specific material to add to this site soon.

  • What is needed from you, “the village”, would be your comments regarding whether you have read or viewed any of these references and if you found them helpful or maybe not so good. This way our learners will have your experience and advice to guide them.
  • Also, if you can add any items to this list I hope you will share those. Please add your insight by posting in the comment section that follows the article.

Online Videos Simply move your cursor to the title and click to go directly to the item.

AKC Video Series: Dogsteps  by Rachel Page Elliott

Dog (Canine) Movement by Dogue De Bourdeaux

Gordon Setter Video: AKC website


What to Look for in a Dog by Rachel Page Elliott


Dogsteps New Look by Rachel Elliott

K-9-Structure-Terminology by Edward-Gilbert

Whats Your Angle: Understanding Angulation and Structure for the Performance Dog by Helen Grinnell King

K-9 Structure & Terminology by Edward M. Gilbert & Thelma R. Brown

The Dog Structure & Movement by R.H. Smythe

Article links

More Than Meets the Eye by Carmen L. Battaglia

Insights Into the Motion of Dogs source Frederich Schiller University Jena published Science Daily